The minimum age established is 21 years old.
Although, it is possible to rent a vehicle to those under 21 years old upon payment of an additional fee. If this is your case and you have any questions, contact us and request more details.

Yes, it is necessary to have a valid driver’s license, written with Roman letters, in order to rent a vehicle.

We accept the deposit in cash, but even so, it is mandatory to provide a valid credit card in the name of the reservation holder and with a sufficient available limit for the guarantee deposit.

GoVaning offers all its vehicles with comprehensive insurance with franchise, the franchise may vary depending on the vehicle and the rental duration. There is no option to completely eliminate the franchise.
In the event that an incident occurs during the use of the vehicle, the reservation holder must follow the procedure established by GoVaning: the first step is to notify us about what happened and present the report of the accident, or fill out the company’s accident form, within 24 hours. From that moment on, we will guide you through the rest of the process.

Payment at the office: full payment of the vehicle rental, at the office, when picking up the vehicle.
Online Payment: vehicle rental payment through the website.

We recommend you to read carefully the modification and cancellation conditions when making a reservation. You can always review them by checking the Reservation Confirmation e-mail, or by accessing the My Reservations page in the Customer Area.
You can also request the cancellation of your reservation calling the GoVaning Reservation Center.
Cancellations requested at least 24 hours prior to the vehicle pick up time will not carry a cancellation fee.

We will send you a confirmation e-mail with all the details of the reservation after completing the reservation process.

The confirmation e-mail is sent to the e-mail address you provide when making the reservation request process. Please, check your inbox and SPAM (junk mail). You can also access your account on the website Customer’s Area to check the status of the reservation, and if you need further help, do not hesitate to call our Reservation Center.

GoVaning does not guarantee the reservation of vehicles by model, our fleet’s groups of vehicles are all very similar.

No. GoVaning offers the option to add an additional driver. The person included as an additional driver will be subject to the same rights and obligations established for the main driver.
This service implies an additional fee.

The rental contract is the document signed between the holder of the reservation and GoVaning. It describes all the conditions and policies to contract the van, car or motorcycle rental service.
Please read the contract carefully and do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have before signing it, because signing it implies that you agree with its conditions.

Yes, being present and attentive at the time of the inspection of the van, car or motorcycle before leaving is highly recommended. Together with the employee, please check the condition of the vehicle and any contracted accessories. A complete inspection of the vehicle helps avoiding misunderstandings and undue charges.
In any case, we always record a video before and after the rental that is always at your disposal in case you want to check anything.

In a standard contract, for one or more days, the vehicle is delivered to the customer with a full tank and it must be returned in the same way. If not returned full again, the replenishment will be charged using the rates available at the GoVaning counter.

Please contact GoVaning, and we will change your vehicle in case it is not in good conditions to be driven.
GoVaning’s contact telephone number can be found on the reservation confirmation document. For additional information, contact our Reservation Center.

Yes, if you let us know it in advance, it is allowed to leave Andorra with the van, car or motorcycle to visit countries in the European Union.

If the return of the vehicle does not take place within the stipulated time, the exceeded hours will be charged at the time of closing the rental contract. The calculation of the excess hours value will be made according to the GoVaning rates, the most common situation is that the hours will be charged in a fractional and proportional way, while the accessories will be charged for a full day.
Contact the rental office if you are going to need the vehicle for longer than what is stipulated in the rental contract.

If you are going to return the vehicle before what is stipulated in the contract, the value of the daily rates will be recalculated, so that you only pay for the period that you are going to use the vehicle. But, it must also be taken into account that if a long-term rate had been contracted (weekly, fortnightly or monthly rate), the value per day may be higher if the vehicle is not used during the entire period.
The return of the car before the stipulated time in the contract does not imply a new calculation of the daily rate.

If you have any questions or wish more information: contact us, we will be happy to assist you.


At GoVaning, we will be happy to help you if you want to rent a vehicle in Andorra, whether it is for a few hours, a couple of days or for a long time.

Contact us if you have any questions and let us help you to rent your van, car or motorcycle!

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